Thursday, May 30, 2013

Keys to Heal Yourself

Powerful Keys to Heal Yourself

Living in the now: The past is gone. You can never go back and make things right. You can never re-live a life that was yesterday. Live optimistically in the present moment, no matter what is happening. Everything is right and perfect. Do not look to the future and fear what may come. Our mind creates a lot of talk and we fear in order to keep us safe. Tell your mind "Thanks for sharing" and affirm "I am here, I am present." You are always at choice and you know how to make this beautiful day. 

Keys to Heal Yourself

Sit in the garden or near a tree. Feel the pulse of the earth, the greatness of the sky, the freshness of the breeze on your face or the warmth of the sun on your face. Being Smile for the nature, insects and greet all the animals you know. Take a walk through a park or hiking a trail. 

Daily exercise gives you a break from your mind chatter, helps the heart pump, circulates the blood, removes toxins from your body, you charge of energy and has many other benefits. Choose a movement that is full of fun and mix. No yoga walking one day and another day. Take a Tai Chi class and meet new natives. The list of potential is never-ending. 

Recognizes and knows it is essential and exclusive. Meditate or sit quietly and be in the moment. Read books that are uplifting and have helpful messages. Give thanks for your home, your friends, your health, all the happiness and joy in your life and everything good around you. 

It's time to let go. Forgive all parts of yourself to be complete and perfect. Forget all the mistakes or shortcomings of the past, to forgive the child within to fear, forgive the young man who spoke words of anger, forgive the young adult not to be a risk taker. Forgive others who did wrong with you in the past. Forgive your parents, your siblings and relatives. Put aside all grudges. Forgiveness comes to reaching peace within you. 

Bubble Bath
Give yourself permission to relax and enjoy quiet moments. Read a book for fun. Spend the extra money and get a massage or facial. Do something selfish for yourself

Listen to your body. Feed it good nutritious meal. Take a high quality multi-vitamin or a liquid supplement. Most health problems can be reduced or eliminated with a dietary supplement. 

Let Go of Judgment
Waiver of trial and give up the guilty. Never speak critically of others or yourself. Speak words of encouragement for you and everyone you know. Accept everyone for who they are and accept their differences. 

Service to others
Reach out and lend a hand to a friend in need. Offer unreserved service to others. Want to be a good listener and really listen to people when they talk. Find ways to help others to lift your spirits and help lessen their burdens. 

Love yourself and use positive words of encouragement. Strangers met and make others smile. He speaks of a loving heart and shine with joy.

Following the above keys you will feel better yourself than previous.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ways to Helping Others

Ways to Helping Others

We are human beings we live in human society and expend our life in many work. In society we co-operate each other to lead a smooth life. In this life we can easily make our life in the level of self satisfaction. Question is how? Answer is so simple helping others in our regular and special activities.

Society gives us some facilities and responsibilities. Helping others is our social responsibility. So many of us consider this as an extra liability and it’s not easy to take those responsibilities. It will hamper their regular life and brings so many unusual events their life. I think differently, if we think it positively then it will be easier. Like giving thanks to others for their appraisal it is a social responsibility. Your thanks inspire others for another better work. To give that kind of thanks we have no cost, no extra work, no extra time consumed. So, why are not we helping others?

Ways to helping others

 Here I include some ways to helping others:

  • Talk to others in smiling face. 
  • Giving thanks where it needed. 
  • Liaison with your neighbors, colleagues and others who are involve in your daily life. 
  • Always inspired others for good works. 
  • Control your anger with others. 
  • Volunteer your free times for helping others, helping nature.
  •  Do not insult others in simple matter. 
  • Make you more conscious. 
  • Give attention to others talk. 
  • Love others as you can. 
  • Distribution your knowledge as you can.

By helping others with activities or any means you will get self satisfaction and your self esteem will increase gradually.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Help others is Beneficial

Help others Beneficial for your health

A study by the American journal Health Psychology conducted a study with 10,000 people of different ages to ensure that within four years the chances of survival were 3% higher among those who practiced voluntary. According to the journal to practice altruism we get rid of stress the body and release a substance called oxytocin which restores normal physiological function.
However we must not altruism interested that helps others where just leveraging ourselves, whether to feel better about ourselves or for other reasons, we cannot offer our help and expect something in return such as recognition or we returned the favor in the future.

Help others Beneficial for your health

Luckily there are naturally generous people who offer their help without expecting any benefit in return. In this case the altruistic person receives a number of benefits unwittingly described by the coffe philosophy:

If you give you will receive: when a person gives is more likely to receive, but not necessarily the help must come from those who helped.

You are full of good feelings: whenever someone selflessly helped us invade positive feelings.

Rise of the self: the positive comments towards good actions will make us made ​​our achievements and give us strength to go on.
Strengthens confidence after performing a good deed at the same confidence increases and perhaps helps us get that confidence in our life that we could not find before.

Increase Positive view: helping others can help us to accept our mistakes and give life to see the positive side.

Encourage others: helping others without any benefits create an impression to others who are not doing that and encourage others to help others.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Self Care

Self Care and U

Self-care is determined by specific aspects of the person and external aspects that depend on it, these determinants are protective factors related to health, as well as with the risk factors, which generate, as appropriate, or risk friendly practices health. Health staff is responsible for the promotion of self-care in people with both healthy living testimony as to education, as a tool for people to choose health-friendly practices.

To care for the life and health requires the development of personal skills, to opt for healthy choices, which is one of the five components of health promotion PS, established at the First International Conference on PS, Ottawa Canada, where he said:

"Favors promoting personal and social development to the extent to provide information on the care, health education to make informed decisions and refine the skills necessary for life in this way increase the options available to people to exercise greater control over their health and the social and natural environment, and so chooses everything conducive to health. "

Strategies and mechanisms to develop these skills relate to self-management, education and information and self-care, mediated communication.
Personal skills determined to live the lifestyle of people and how they are cared for. The term 'lifestyle' refers to the way of life and personal patterns of behavior, which are determined by social, cultural and personal; equals attitudes, habits and practices of individuals or families, which can positively or negatively influence on our health.

Self care

CARE among all (we care):
The care among all is called collective self refers to the actions that are planned and developed in cooperation between the members of a community, family or group, who is seeking a physical and emotional and social solidarity, for example., The waste disposal, water treatment group, the rational use of the services available to health care, achieving guards, among others, in pursuit of the common good.

Self care (I care):
It is for the individual self is shaped by all measures taken by yourself, as self-care manager. Put another way, one is to look for their health and give good life.

Self-care refers to the daily practices and decisions on them, which makes a person, family or group to take care of their health, such practices are 'skills' learned through a lifetime of continuous use, which are used by free choice, in order to strengthen or restore health and prevent disease, they respond to the survivability and customary practices of the culture to which one belongs.
Among the self-care practices are: adequate food needs, hygiene, stress management, social skills to establish relationships and resolve interpersonal issues, exercise and physical activity required, ability to control and reduce the consumption of drugs, monitoring for health requirements, safety behaviors, recreation and leisure management, dialogue, favorable adaptations to changes in context and self-care practices in disease processes ...
 "Anything that a person can learn, leads to changes in one of the following three areas of behavior: cognitive, affective and psycho motor learning all means to procure the development of a form of behavior, either because they arise or change behaviors, affections or psycho motor skills in the person "
Self-care is an inherent function of the human and essential to the life of all living beings with whom they interact, is the growth of the person in everyday life, in every experience as a caregiver for himself and those who are part of their environment . Because of its great potential to positively impact on how people live, self care constitutes an important strategy for the protection of health and prevention of disease.

Principles for Self Care

  • Self-care is an act of life that allows people to become subjects of their own actions. Therefore, a process for the individual volunteer with itself.  
  • Self-care involves an individual responsibility and a philosophy of life linked to experiences in everyday life.
  • Self-care is supported by a formal system such as health and informal social support. 
  • The self is social in character, since it implies a degree of knowledge and development of knowledge and results interrelationships.  
  • When performing self-care practices, whether protective or preventive purposes, people always developed with the knowledge that will improve their level of health.  
  • To have self requires a degree of personal development, mediated by a continued strengthening of self-concept, self-control, self-esteem, self-acceptance, and resilience.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Process of Helping Others

A Process to Helping Others

A bird how it born, how it grown up, how it find food for live, how to helps her kids to grown up, all are gone in a systematic way. In the world every things have an own system to works. In this way when we are helping others we have to follow a systematic process.

Only for others

Sweet Baby